Sitting With St Hilarion (Northern Cyprus)

From your rocky bastion seat,
Look to journey's start,
And watch the hills that sweep to greet
The sea that lapped your heart.

Find a little spot of comfort,
Gently close your eyes,
Slowly breathe away your efforts,
Listen to the flies.

You hadn't noticed they were there
Until they brushed your skin.
Now from the silence you're aware
Of their eager din.

Turn your face into the furnace,
Feel its sultry beat.
As colours filter through the darkness,
Let wind abate the heat.

The wind, listen as it swirls,
Dancing to this crown.
Amongst endemic orchids whirls
A prowling, cusping sound.

As the blooming pollen ruffles,
Taste the sweetened air.
Listen as a lizard shuffles
Up the ruined stair.

As you sit and revivify
The senses you possess,
Spread your arms and glorify
The gifts that God has blessed.