The Devil Grinned

Can he shed a tear for passion dispossessed,
A tightrope stretched across a void of question.
Feelings he may want to lay to rest,
Because sense warns him of his deception.

A balmy night,
A drink on ice.

Tempting lips,
He rolls the dice.

A gambling man,
He takes the chance.

Seduction steers
Deceitful dance.

He could be forgiven for a lustful lapse,
A moment caught whilst love is far away.
But the devil smiles when he falls into his traps,
And he returns the gesture whilst he plays.

The fire burns
And takes a grip.

He holds restraint
But lets it slip.

Barriers broke,
Now no return.

Can stop him fondle
Carnal's burn.

And so the devil grins,
As he feeds once more on prurient sins.